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Our Mission


We are a non-profit agency located in Birmingham, Alabama launching a Community Youth Development Project. This is an entirely new initiative.  This project aims to improve conditions in distressed inner-city regions throughout Birmingham, Alabama by strengthening and empowering youth who resides in the North Birmingham Community.  Inner Cities regions can be distressing places to live in because they can be cramped and overcrowded and at the same time lonely, sterile and lacking in a sense of community and belonging.  In some places, inner city areas can also be violent.  One way to improve conditions in Birmingham distressed inner-city regions is to improve their resident sense of community and belonging, and to improve their sense of autonomy and self- respect.  Most people who live in the inner-city tend to be decent people just trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, these people are born into this world with many handicaps such as lack of economic opportunities and even a “ghetto culture” that is simply not conducive to finding and achieving success in their lives.

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